CI’s goal is to make sure you and your team are comfortable and proficient in your understanding of data analytics and use of ClinView®. We know that this proficiency will maximize the ROI. We deliver training and education that is relevant, comprehensive, and cost-effective. We understand that everyone has a different learning style so we offer a variety of educational opportunities.

In-Person Training

We provide comprehensive instructor-led training to prepare you and your team. Our on-site individual and class training includes practice exercises and educational material.

Virtual Classroom

Our Virtual Training offers many of the advantages of our in-person training without the expense and time associated with travel. Our instructors work with you and your team remotely as if they were in the room.

Virtual One-on-One Learning

We provide training at a time that fits your individual schedule. Our talented team of instructors work with you remotely creating a solid foundation while advancing into detailed understanding of the clinical analytics. As you advance, the learning transitions from instructor-led to instructor-guided.

Training Material

Clinical Intelligence provides our end-user community with a collection of templates and resources designed to support and accelerate learning. All content is available for download.