Meeting the Needs of Physician Practices

PracticeView™ is the latest analytics solution from Clinical Intelligence (CI). Created as a “neighborhood” within CI’s original platform ClinView®, PracticeView™ is designed to meet the needs of Physician Practices. Physician Practices are extremely complex, multifaceted enterprises that present significant operational challenges to management due to the large amounts of information gathered, shared and processed from multiple sources throughout multiple locations.

Data Rich, Information Poor

  • Network is inundated with data without a meaningful way to interpret and use it
  • Internal resources debate the veracity of data
Disparate datasets are gathered, synthesized and associated into one business intelligence platform that is:

  • Easy to understand
  • Highly actionable and multidimensional
  • Cloud-based and HIPAA-compliant
Cumbersome Reporting, Unreliable Data

  • Reporting is performed in isolation
  • Data isn’t validated
  • Requests for data may take a substantial amount of time to fulfill due to backlogs
“Near real time” reporting from data that’s refreshed monthly, weekly, or even daily for some metrics

  • Easy-to-read, clear reports
  • Performance insights and analytics within minutes
  • Drill down capabilities to quickly spot anomalies and outliers
Fragmented Communication Throughout Network

  • Large amounts of data reside within
The entire group practice speaks a universal language from a credible and unbiased source

  • Everyone is on the same page, in the same book • Leadership is supported remotely with a team of clinical subject matter experts to help drive best performance
Unmeasurable Strategic Initiatives

  • Projects aren’t driven by actionable data and are incongruent with strategic planning
Collaborative planning

  • Quantified results
  • Visualized data for easier comprehension
  • Insight-driven solutions and sustainability

Examples of Disparate Data Feeds Uploaded to PracticeView™

  • Patient Visit Level Data
  • Appointment Data
  • Phone Data
  • Financials
  • Quality Reports
  • Patient Panel and Referrals