Cloud-Based Access Anywhere

ClinView®‘s Cloud-Based Access application provides agile and customizable drill-down perspectives on data for interdisciplinary teams. ClinView® lets you run reports for financials, quality care measures, physicians, specialties, nursing units, and more—right from any computer device, including phones and tablets connected to the internet. With an internet connection you can use ClinView® from anywhere.

Collaborative Care

Collaborative Care contributes to dispassionate, precise, current data and eliminates silos and self-interest, allowing for collaborative learning, coaching, engagement, and managing without third-party interference.

Drill-Down Capabilities

Drill Down Capabilities Serve as a monitoring tool and scorecard for outcomes related to performance improvement initiatives. Each report provides drill down account-by-account detail for validation and auditing capability. You can quickly spot anomalies and outliers.

Clinical Data Associations with Big Data

ClinView® provides historical trends of healthcare key performance indicators, allowing users to explore associations within data and apply statistical process control for meaningful insight. Aggregating data cross dimensionally ClinView® allows you to get to the root cause of the gap and assists with healthcare strategic decision-making.

User-Friendly Interface in Software

ClinView® provides graphs and charts within minutes for executive presentations. Displays are concise, easy-to-read and highly actionable, with a level of interpretation of clinical analytics and quality measures unique and unheard of in the healthcare industry. The Interface is a leading platform that is used by the top health systems in the country.

Easy Implementation Healthcare Management System

In less than 30 days, ClinView® is implemented and clients see the value and results immediately. Clinical Intelligence also offers highly qualified clinical consultants and data analysts who can provide day-to-day, on-site coaching and consulting with assistance tailored to an organization’s needs.

Timely Access for Clinical Performance Management

Timely access to vast amounts of data in summarized, easy-to-read reports and charts. Removing the guesswork and bias from data analysis, you’ll save time and clinical staff can focus their efforts on your patients. ClinView® is instantly accessible through any modern web browser in a secure web environment – and a compatible interface with laptops, desktops, smart phones and tablets.