Data-Driven, Collaborative, Enterprise-Wide

ClinView® is a business intelligence, clinical information system and performance management platform, used to assess clinical operations across continuum of care and improve performance by gathering, synthesizing and associating disparate datasets to assist with decision support, into a format that is easy to understand, highly actionable and multi-dimensional. The platform interfaces with electronic health records software to optimize performance.

Single Source Of Truth

Leadership now has a visual, interactive platform that streamlines data from all sources into one, interprets it and provides actionable insights. ClinView® creates associations between datasets, graphs and variables – allowing executives to interact with the data, see different perspectives and dimensions, drill down to various levels and identify root causes to operational and financial concerns. With ClinView®, all departments and service lines speak a universal language from a credible and unbiased shared source – everyone is on the same page, in the same book.

Measured, Quantified and Sustained Results

ClinView® can be used to influence practice patterns and decisions, guide strategic planning and reduce critical compliance risks. Executives can track key performance indicators to optimize clinical performance management and focus on mission critical items. Data is easy to access, easy to understand, and highly actionable. Clients see an average ROI of 7:1.