“For the first time in the evolution of the healthcare delivery system we are seizing the opportunity to use technology to connect us as a truly integrated network of healthcare professionals coordinating care across multiple and diverse settings to achieve common goals.”  Sue Veer, President and CEO Carolina Health Centers, Inc

CI supports Physician Practice in addressing their most significant challenges which include physician alignment, administrative burdens, expenses, staffing mix, and total work relative value units (RVUs), all while shifting organizations to the new value-based care model.

By partnering with CI, Physician Practices can leverage data to:

  1. Achieve a reduction in denials and rejections
  2. Identify problematic procedures and services
  3. Improve contract negotiations
  4. Identify Practice variation

CI’s analytics solution, ClinView®, bridges the gaps often found within large systems by demonstrating insights and tools that leaders can apply within their organizations at the senior level, as well as the departmental level.