“CI is a trusted partner that will reenergize your care management organization and promote optimal practice through data driven results and outstanding professional expertise.”  – Robin Stults, RHIA, CHC, SVP Finance Administration, Parkland

Founded in 2001, Clinical Intelligence (CI) is a consulting firm that is client-centric and technology enabled. As a boutique-sized firm, CI is able to respond to its clients’ needs more nimbly than its peers. This strong reputation allows CI to partner with a variety of healthcare organization including hospitals, physician practices and health centers of all shapes and sizes. This diverse portfolio or partners presents unique issues and challenges that CI addresses individually, with hands-on support to ensure outcomes are sustainable.

Additionally, with its tailored analytics solution ClinView®, CI empowers its clients with the ability to make decisions driven by data, rather than speculation. With actionable data front and center, CI’s partners can drive sustainable change as they move toward the delivery of value-based care.

Increased Revenue

  • Improved Volume / Market Management
  • Improved Observation / Bed Access Management (patient placement) with timely 1st and 2nd level reviews and dedicated physician advisory coaching
  • Optimized Case Mix Index and revenue integrity

Decreased Expenses

  • Reduced excess days and improved discharge planning
  • Improved service line performance & resource utilization management
  • Reduced clinical variation & EBM protocol utilization
  • Improved Hospitalist Clinical Performance

Minimized Compliance Risk

  •  Improved Clinical Denial prevention, peer-to-peer and appeals management
  • Reduced RAC risk exposure (i.e. 1-day inpatient stays, inpatient only, preventable admissions)
  • Reduced inpatient readmissions penalty risk with improved care coordination / transitions